The Wait Was Worth It.

The nine weeks and one day of constant anticipation after I have bought the Anberlin concert ticket last January officially came to its end the night of March 9 arrived. Unfortunately, March 9 is a day sitting right dab smack in the middle of the week so it meant ditching classes so I could get to the concert venue earlier than 6pm. Fortunately though, I only have one class to attend on Wednesdays and it’s in the morning, so no ditching of classes occurred. Warning: The writer was in a fan-girl mode when she wrote this. This post might bore you.


So Stoked. Why?


Hohoho. I’m sooooo stoked! Anberlin’s one of my favorite alternative rock bands after all so I wouldn’t want to miss this. Bought the ticket just this afternoon at SM Calamba. Spent half of the 3k that was my Christmas earnings to buy the ticket for this concert. A few more weeks to go to find out if what I spent was worth it (though I’m already thinking it would be). Yiii. I’m really really really excited.

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