Comings and Goings

Hello, dear reader! I’ve been busy, hence this blog’s hiatus. This post will be quick and don’t expect coherence, musings or philosophical whatsits with quality. It’s going to be generally just what the title says. Here goes:

  1. I left you with a cliffhanger in my last post two months ago. The photo I posted there was a clue in itself. The lines were actually from Anberlin’s song Adelaide. So, what was with the week after I posted that prelude? I should now cut to the chase and not leave you guessing anymore. I went to the city of Adelaide in South Australia. (Nope, it wasn’t for pleasure. It’s work-related.) It was my first time going out of the country alone. It was also my first airplane ride… and a lot of other firsts. Some things in life are unforgettable, really. Details? I must oblige myself to put it in a separate post.

    Cuddly, cuddly creature.

  2. Exactly the month after celebrating its three years of existence, this corner of the web, of which the frequency of the postings can be likened to a submarine’s disappearing-reappearing act, has been nominated as a versatile blog for the first time. I am deeply honored and grateful, LJ and Sir Carlo, for the recognition.
  3. Got myself a sunburn last August. A sunburn during the wet and typhoon season in the Philippines? Yes! I didn’t know that the Palawan sun could be unmercifully bright and scorching hot during this time of the year (and nope, I’m not a big fan of slathering sunblock on my skin). It was perfect though for the beach. Spent a day in Dos Palmas Island (remember the Burnhams and Abu Sayyaf?) snorkeling, kayaking, basking in the sun and toasting my skin. Visited Puerto Princesa’s subterranean river and was reminded of the movie Sanctum.

    Beach, baby!

  4. APA referencing style is making me crazy! I’ve been helping my mother complete her master’s thesis and I’m glad that I could be of help but never have I disliked citation as much as I do now.
  5. Thinking of going burgundy.

7 thoughts on “Comings and Goings

  1. haha, ikaw na… you’ve been away as in The Land Down Under (ang lapit lang naman, sus ^^), went to Palawan and got yourself some tan, huh and have battled it out with APA. nah, you didn’t do much. you pah?! hello, singkamas… hindeh ka busy much, hehe ;)


    • Malaking tarsier yun, Kuya Pot. At yung sunburn kong malupit? Nangangagat ang kirot lalo na sa binti na muntik pang mauwi sa pagsusuot ng sinusumpang skirt pagpasok sa opisina. Salamat sa cooling effect ng aloe vera, naudlot. Salamat nga pala sa pagdaan!


  2. hello, Miss… ala e, kakatagal nang walang post dine. pagpasok ko, i had to wade my way through the dusts and cobwebs, ehehe… bru, make sure you’re going places, getting a promotion or having a party-party social life kung di ka nakakapag-blog, ha. tamo ‘to, basta-basta iniiwan ang pagsusulat. ;) o, nagpapayaman ka? short ng mga nabanggit, wala kang valid excuse, kapatid, hahaha.

    Magandang Pasko sa iyo and your dear ones. :) owki na pala if papadalhan mo me ng maraming bars ng chocolates – gusto ko almonds, hihihi. regards and cheers! ;)


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