I Am Not An Emo Kid. I Am Sleep Deprived.

I look like an emo kid nowadays although what I drew was a poor attempt to sketch one. Thanks to Hell Weeks.


Backtrack. Emend. Regress.

Oh how I’ve tried to get you out of my head
And I lied, broken words I said.
Never thought I’d walk on this street again,
Standing where it all began.

It was completely a lie. Lies really won’t get you anywhere. Or me, for that matter. I can’t blame immaturity for saying that. No, it was me. It was all for my selfish reason. It was all because of one wrong decision.

Tried to forget when I left this town,
But it takes me right back when I come back around.

Where we’re at now, who we are now… is the reality. I can no longer hold on to a nonexistent could-have-been.

Retrace the steps we took on that long summer night,
I’m back there by your side.
Retrace the steps we took when we met worlds away,
Counting backwards while the stars are falling.

I can’t help but to give in. Flashbacks. They keep on barraging the doors of a specific closet. I’ve locked it all inside that closet, but they are persistent. I can’t help but to give in.

Oh now I find every subtle thing screams your name,
It reminds me of places and times we shared.
Couldn’t live locked in these memories,
Now I’m chained to my thoughts again.

I gave in and so the tables have turned. I am a prisoner in a jail, where the thoughts from the past guard my cell.

And I tried to forget when I left this town,
But I’ll take you right back if you come back around.

I am seeking for a requisition. That you, yourself, take me out of this rut that I’m in and give me back that kind of freedom I know I once had with you.

Retrace by Anberlin