Kailan Kaya Babalik si Singkamas sa Blogosperyo?



Dumaan lang ako pero di pa rin talaga ako nagbabalik. Busy pa ‘ko. E bakit andito ka ngayon?


Rant: Of Weddings and Heart Disease

I woke up this morning not to the intoxicating scent of brewing coffee but to the scent of my mother’s perfume instead. I easily recognized that the perfume she wore was her for-special-occasions-only perfume. It registered to my groggy and sleep-filled head the reason why she was wearing that perfume. A wedding.

Since I left the realm of adolescence and stepped on the threshold that says “early adulthood” (which was very recent, it’s actually just last month), I’ve been wondering if I will ever get to attend my own wedding. It’s not that I’m thinking of getting hitched as of the moment but continue reading this rant