Excuse Me For Fangirling

You’ve read the title. You’ve been warned. This might not even be of interest to you. Otherwise, humor me and read along anyway.

I’m near finishing the book A Dance with Dragons, the fifth installment in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series, and ever since the first installment A Game of Thrones, Jon Snow has been one of my favorite characters (partially attributed to the fact that Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in the TV series, looks good, hehe). So taken I was with his character that last night, I dreamed I was him (though it’ll still do if I was the witty Tyrion Lannister or better yet, hot Daenerys Targaryen). Unfortunately, I can’t remember the details of my dream except a few ones — the hug with Jon Snow’s half-sister, Arya Stark; the brown roots of supposed-to-be white weirwood trees; and a lush green scenery that signifies spring but should be Winterfell’s dull white winter or maybe of The Wall’s.

So what’s the point of this post, after all? Nothing. I am just fangirling is all. Or maybe because I have yet to see the episodes of the Game of Thrones season two and I just felt the need to rant about it.

Anyway, on to another rant, this song, Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine has been playing on loop in my head for almost a month now.

I blame it on this Game of Thrones’ season two trailer.


3 thoughts on “Excuse Me For Fangirling

  1. hello, singkamas… ei, tag-singkamas na uli, ano at wala pa ring posts dine? mag-post na, aba… ^^

    hey pala, nagreturn of the comeback ang the script, nanonood ka? musta, musta… happy summer! :)


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