A Sweet Kind of Desperation.

Come 5 PM today, the Switchfoot Concert in Manila page will announce who won their contest… and I am one of the contestants. The mechanics of the contest are these:

1. Download THIS Switchfoot Concert WEB POSTER.
2. Upload it on your Wall saying, “I want to win the 2-CD set of Hello Hurricane & 2 FREE tickets to the Switchfoot Concert in Manila!” (Don’t forget to tag the page!)
3. The web poster with the most number of “LIKES” wins!

If you have an account in FB, click this image and please like it. Thank you. :)

Switchfoot Concert in Manila

Of course, I’m a big fan of Switchfoot and I am currently broke that’s why I joined the contest. If ever I win the contest, I’ll bring my sister with me. I am so desperate to win this one that I ask everyone I see who’s online in the Facebook chatbox to please like my post. Well, I enjoyed it though despite not being “close” to some of my FB contacts whom I sent the request.

Anyway, if ever you are reading this post before 5PM today, I am really desperate (that I almost think it’s to the point near pathetic) and I am going to ask you, some random stranger or at least someone I virtually but not personally know, please head over to this LINK and like the photo if ever you have a Facebook account. You could also support me and my sister to win those CDs and tickets by telling your friends and FB contacts. I would really appreciate it! :)

Well, I am hoping that I’ll see my name written in the Switchfoot Concert in Manila page as the winner.

UPDATE: I didn’t win but it was a close fight… and I saw my name written in Switchfoot Concert in Manila‘s page. Not as a winner though but just one of the two contestants with the highest number of likes. Oh, well. I had fun with the contest and that’s a consolation prize enough. :)