And Off He Goes

There was an ancient stone bridge

And beneath was a river so deep

That silently flows;

That entices many souls

To wonder at its beauty;

That takes away lives.

Over the years,

The river has drowned the miseries

Of numerous people

Who sought for the comfort

Of ending their miserable lives

By diving off the stone bridge

Into the depths of the river.

Now, there was a man –

A happy man –

Who sat at the edge of the bridge.

No, unlike the miserable people,

He came there

Not to end his life.

What could possibly be the cause

For a happy man to end his life?

Now the happy man came

And sat on the edge of the bridge

To admire the river.

Because he thought

That the river was splendid,

Most, when it sparkles underneath the sun.

After a while of sitting down,

He started thinking.

We all know that problems

Are inevitable in this world.

No, the equation is not complete

Without problems.

It would not be called life

Without its existence.

So this happy man

Has also some issues with Problem.

He hides beneath the façade

Of being happy and contented,

Yet underneath the mask

Is a pained and a burdened soul.

In his solitary moments

At the edge of the bridge,

The happy man’s mien changed

And he was dragged off to the bottom

Of the ocean of melancholy

After coming into conclusion

That his situation is filled

With apprehension and agony.

In the end,

He jumped off the bridge

And succumbed to the discouragement he felt.


One thought on “And Off He Goes

  1. hello, singkamas… musta u? ikaw ang gumawa nitong tula? malungkot, ah…

    btw, isinara ng WP ang site ko. may nailagay kasi ako sa last post na urls/links na ‘yon nga pala ay may pop-up na box, so ‘yon. they’re alleging na part daw ako ng SEO efforts at profiting. weh? hindi ‘no? wala akong kinalaman sa mga iyon. btw, tungkol sa tahi at paso ang post kaya image ng skin layer ‘yong url at saka, procedure for suturing wounds. ang saya lang, di ba? :)

    sumulat na ako sa technical group ng three times in 12 days. walang response whatsoever. titingnan ko kung by next week, may chance pang ibalik nila. if they don’t, pasensya na, am not moving the site and its content to a dot com or to another hosting site. pag ginawa ko kasi ‘yon, it would be like admitting to their charge of willful violation of TOS. i deny that. kung may na-violate man, certainly unintentional ‘yon at hindi willful. at least, i-hear man lang nila ang paliwanag ko. may due process sana.

    so, kung di mangyari ang gano’n, baka i’ll leave the site dormant lang muna. baka magbukas na ako ng bagong site – in english na siguro.

    ahaha, kumusta ka na? hope you are well… :)


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