What Are Syntonyms? : A Contemplation

a splendid smile graces your lips but dull and lifeless are your eyes..

you are bleeding and aching yet any visible wound, there is none..

you find most opportunity in every adversity..

along with a crowd, and still you are alone..

your face conceals but also reveals your feelings..

you possess freedom and in spite of that, you are oppressed..

going on the way up, you go down..

you are broken and nevertheless, you are still whole..

you are rich in many things, but you are poor in more of the quintessential..

you experience everything but you know not anything..

unseen things are among of those what you see..

you are a success and you fail now and then..

emotions start in your heart, but there it also end..

you are your own master and you are your own slave..

you are apathetic but you care about the fact that you are apathetic..

you are calm on the surface but in turmoil within..

your world is colorful but you see it black and white..

already you are sated but you are still insatiable..

you are unwanted but you are loved..

you find that you are lost..

you are sanctified and yet you are sinning..

you are a child and you are but a mature..

you are existing but you are nothing..

you are not you..


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