Where Have I Been Before?

i want to wind the hands of the clock
back to the time when i was but a child-
unaware between the throes of reality
and the bliss of innocence.

i want to feel the simplicity of life again
not worrying about the unecessary clutters of life,
minding what’s so simple, wanting what is needed,
taking what’s merely being offered, knowing how to trust easily.

i want to go back…
to where i’ve been before.


One thought on “Where Have I Been Before?

  1. hello, singkamas.

    i hope you’re doing well, anuman ang pinagkakaabalahan mo. :)

    btw, may sinabi si maya angelou about that, e. hehe, di ko maalaala. basta, parang ang sabi nya, dapat mailugar natin ang wishing back for our childhood innocence kapag adult na tayo. hamo, hahanapin ko…

    regards and cheers! :)


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